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Working Together for Health – Get Actively Involved in World Health Day

In addition to the Human Resources for Health Web Page, FIP has now distributed a Toolkit aimed at encouraging all practitioners to become actively involved in World Health Day activities by showcasing the important role of the pharmacist in the health and welfare of communities, and to raise awareness of Human Resource issues affecting this role. The Toolkit was recently mailed to all Member Organisations and is also available online at http://www.fip.org/hr. FIP hopes that with this new initiative pharmacists will be encouraged to take action and advocate for the profession on local, national, and international levels, and work towards positively influencing issues affecting the global pharmacy workforce. Part of this advocacy involves becoming actively involved in World Health Organisation (WHO) activities for World Health Day, including local World Health Day launches and nominating individual practitioners as Heroes for Health. The overall goal is to bring to light how the every day function of the pharmacist improves the health of individuals and communities, and how the lack thereof greatly diminishes comprehensive patient care. Member Organisations wishing to nominate individuals as Heroes for Health, or those wishing to participate in a World Health Day launch should contact FIP at fip@fip.org before 1st February 2006. FIP is extremely proud to bring these new initiatives to the global pharmacy community and hopes that all involved in the profession will take advantage of the opportunity to showcase themselves as vital players in the healthcare team.

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