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World Diabetes Day - FIP releases pinnacle report

November 14 marks the annual recognition of World Diabetes Day, as initiated by the International Diabetes Federation and as supported worldwide by partner organizations such as FIP and associated healthcare professions.

This year, FIP is pleased to announce the release of a new report: World Diabetes Day - Pharmacists' contributions to diabetes care. It is the first time FIP has released such a report in conjunction with World Diabetes Day and the Federation hopes that the report sheds light on the role of pharmacists in the prevention and treatment of this epidemic, non-communicable disease.

The full report can be downloaded here and we ask that all who have further questions regarding its contents or the described roles of the pharmacist therein to please contact FIP Headquarters at fip@fip.org


As expressed by FIP President Dr Michel Buchmann:

We invite you as professionals to join our cause and as our patients to open the doors of communication for better prevention and control of diabetes – a step in the right direction to better health for all.