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Pharmacy Guild of Australia - pharmacists aid in flood relief

From the Media Release released by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia:

Community pharmacists in Queensland are doing everything they can in these difficult circumstances to ensure people have appropriate access to crucial medicines during the flood crisis.

With the immense destruction and loss of life, many people are cut off from their medicines or do not have access to their medicines.

The National President of the Guild, Kos Sclavos, said: “It is very important for people to continue to take their medicines. We estimate up to 120 pharmacies are closed today in South-East Queensland but the priority for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia is to ensure patients get access to medicines.”

“All community pharmacists will assist patients requiring emergency supplies. There will be some pharmacies closed due to major damage from the floods and storms and some pharmacies are closed because electricity supply has been cut and shopping centres have been closed,” Mr Sclavos said.

“The pharmacist needs details about medications and entitlements to confirm and record patients’ current medication details and will ensure, wherever possible, that patients have access to emergency supply of medicines,” Mr Sclavos continued.

In addition to problems with pharmacies being closed, all pharmacies will be impacted by disruption to the supply of medicines caused by flooding at pharmaceutical warehouses, and damage to road networks.