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World Mental Health Day 2009 - Mental Health in Primary Care

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) which falls on October 10th, 2009, was created to educate and spread vital information about mental health and forms of mental illnesses; the objectives of WMHD also seek to dispel myths and misconceptions, and remove the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

"Mental Health in Primary Care: Enhancing Treatment and Promoting Mental Health" forms the theme of World Mental Health Day 2009. The objectives seek to recognize the need to integrate mental healthcare into mainstream healthcare to ensure universal access. This assumes all the more importance in the light of the recent prediction made by the World Health Organization, that in the next two decades, Depression is likely to be the number one illness affecting millions of people worldwide.

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What are FIP Members Doing?

FIP Member Organisations are also carrying on many activities in their own countries to improve Mental Health.

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