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2009 FIP Congress Istanbul – almost 3000 gather to take responsibility for patient outcomes

Friday 4 September marked the Opening Ceremony of the 2009 FIP Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, officially launching the 69th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Almost 3000 pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, academics, researchers, students and guests have gathered to connect with each on the central theme and question: Responsibility for Patient Outcomes - are you ready?

During the Opening Ceremony FIP President Kamal K. Midha stressed the many activities that the Federation had undertaken since the last meeting in Basel, reinforcing FIP's commitment to implement the Strategic Objectives that are supporting FIP's 2020 Vision. He posed to the audience - FIP is ready, are you? His words and dedication to the future of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences on a global level were echoed by the President of the Turkish Pharmacists Association, Mr Erdoğan Çolak and the Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Recep Akdağ. Special guest Dr Hans Hogerzeil, Director of Medicines Policy and Standards at the World Health Organization (WHO), solidified the joint efforts of the two organisations and emphasized the progress that has occurred in such areas as the fight against counterfeit medicines since WHO and FIP began their collaborative efforts. The Master of Ceremony also passed along words of congratulations from the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey.

FIP is also pleased to note exceptional registrant diversity this year. Over 200 Chinese participants have joined us in Turkey, reinforcing our continued presence in China since the FIP Congress in Beijing in 2007. Furthermore, over 600 people are coming to the FIP Congress for the first time in 2009, 400 of which fall into the Young Pharmacists Category - under 35 and graduated within the last five years. This is a tremendous response from the international young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and it is hoped that these first-timers continue to join us in years ahead, bringing with them a growing number of new participants.

FIP, our leaders, officers and staff wish all a successful and fulfilling experience at the 2009 World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and that all leave ready to take responsibility for patient outcomes.