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FIP speaks at World Health Assembly

Last week FIP  held a presence at the the World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva, Switzerland, the biggest event of the year for WHO stakeholders.

The week started with  FIP joining its partners in the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) to launch the event with the traditional WHPA luncheon, where hundreds of invited health professionals and allied partners met to kick off the week of events at the World Health Organization. Following the luncheon all proceeded to the opening address of the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. 

In the days that followed FIP took to the floor of the Assembly twice, once to speak on behalf of FIP itself on the Rational Use of Drugs and once on behalf of the WHPA on Public Health Innovation.

FIP also contributed to two other joint interventions put forth by representatives from the WHPA on Primary Health Care and Social Determinants of Health.

The interventions are available for download below.

2009 WHA FIP Intervention - Rational Use of Medicines

2009 WHA Joint Intervention - Public Health Innovation

2009 WHA Joint Intervention - Primary Health Care

2009 Joint Intervention - Social Determinants of Health