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Establishment of First FIP Collaborating Centre

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and the School of Pharmacy, University of London is pleased to announce the establishment of the first FIP Collaborating Centre (FIPCC).

The purpose of the FIPCC for Pharmacy and Health is to serve as a conduit for expertise, research, capacity building, innovation and development in collaboration with key stakeholders including FIP Member Organisations, WHO and UNESCO. The FIPCC will provide expert institutional support through research, policy analysis and technical advice to enable and catalyse FIP’s expanding global activity in medicines and public health policy, human resources for health and education. This paper on Pharmacy and the prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis is the first of a series of papers from the FIPCC. The FIP Collaborating Centre will aim to build the competence and capacity of individuals, institutions and countries to advance developments through projects, advice, and training.

In summary, the key roles of the FIP Collaborating Centre are to:

• serve as a focus of excellence,

• gather expertise,

• provide capacity for projects,

• gather and build competence and capacity for development, and

• strengthen collaboration with the UN and other global agencies.

This FIPCC will be piloted over a three year period. During this period it is expected that it will develop project plans in defined areas of work, develop its own infrastructure to operationalise the project plans, seek funding and strategic partners, develop a website linked to the School of Pharmacy and FIP for external communication, initiate training programmes, and deliver on the agreed outcomes from the project plan(s). Monitoring, evaluation and review by the Advisory Board will be constant throughout the three year pilot period, after which future directions of the FIPCC will be discussed by all Stakeholders.

FIP recognises the great potential of this new initiative and looks forward to the growth and development of projects arising from this collaborative partnership.