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FIP Pharmacy Education Taskforce Proposes Action Plan on Global Pharmacy Education

Please excuse our error and please find below an amended announcement regarding the Action Plan on Global Pharmacy Education.

At the second FIP Consultation on Pharmacy Education, held at the 67th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Beijing, China, the FIP-WHO Pharmacy Education Taskforce and key allied stakeholders met to discuss the progress since the first Roundtable a year previous and to push forward an Action Plan that would facilitate developments in pharmacy education globally.

Over 40 participants were present at the consultation, including regional and national leaders of pharmacy education and professional associations, as well as representatives from influential healthcare and education bodies such as WHO and UNESCO. Led by the Taskforce, the group brought forward valid and relevant discussion points regarding pharmacy education and the profession as a whole, culminating in a global consensus and shared commitment to implementing a two year plan of action for pharmacy education development.

The goal is to further build a highly comprehensive Action Plan that will first investigate current situations, and then move forward to visualise and develop pragmatic and universally applicable solutions and tools. It will involve determining pharmacy workforce needs, creating an education development road map and competency framework, understanding academic workforce issues, and generating tools to improve quality of education, build training capacity and ultimately change pharmacy practice.

It was agreed that the Pharmacy Education taskforce should take up the responsibility of identifying resources, finalising the action plan including internal projects and objectives, implementing country pilot studies and serving as the connection and conduit for global efforts towards developing pharmacy practice. With the support of global professional solidarity and shared vision, the Taskforce is well poised and wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing the Action Plan and the results thereof to fruition on an international level.

FIP looks forward to keeping the international pharmacy community updated on the progress of the Pharmacy Education Taskforce, and will soon have materials available on the FIP website. For more information on the Pharmacy Education Taskforce and the Action Plan, please contact Tana Wuliji, FIP Project Coordinator, tana@fip.org.