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FIP launches "Human Resources for Health" website!

FIP is extremely pleased to announce the addition of a Human Resources for Health Web Page to the FIP Website, now available at http://www.fip.org/hr. The addition comes after months of work to become actively involved in this issue; one that has become an international priority of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the focus of World Health Day 2006. The new Web Page gives background on FIP activities for Human Resources for Health with emphasis on raising awareness of the issues surrounding the distribution, training, competency, capacity and migration of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. On World Health Day, April 7th, the WHO will release a World Health Report that will delve into these matters that affect the pharmacy profession and its healthcare counterparts. FIP has been actively involved in many new projects that showcase the value of the pharmacist and their role on the global healthcare stage, and with the help of Member Organisations has developed a Global Pharmacy Workforce and Migration Report which will be officially launched on World Health Day. The FIP Human Resources for Health Web Page also features stories from pharmacists in all manner of location and practice around the world, describing their hopes, challenges and workforce issues. FIP is proud to offer this indispensable information to all who visit the site, and invites you to visit the Human Resources for Health Web Page.

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