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FIP Leading on Global Education Transformation

On the 31st of August 2013, at the 73rd International FIP World Congress, the International Pharmaceutical Federation Council adopted the FIP Education Initiative (FIPEd) 2014-2018 Global Education Action Plan. 

Through over 100 years of experience, FIP has established its place as the global leader in science, practice, and now education. FIPEd is leading to stimulate the changes and transformations needed to make pharmaceutical education more relevant to current and future needs; as well as to stimulate the scaling up of pharmaceutical education, especially in countries where there is a critical shortage of the pharmaceutical workforce.

The FIPEd 2014-2018 Global Education Action Plan outlines 7 pillars of activity that will enable global action in education reform. The Pillars will focus on developing tools, methodology and services to facilitate the transformation of education, and includes: A Global conference on pharmacy & pharmaceutical science education, Global Leadership- Training and Networks, FIP Annual Congress Educational Sessions and Forums, Education Development Projects and Technical Reports, Education consultation services and Centres of Excellence, and the FIPEd Infrastructure & Global Representation. Initial education is key in the development of the health care workforce for the future; better science, better practice, and better health care are all linked to the responsible use of medicines.

Dr Henri Manasse Jr, Chair of the FIPEd Steering Committee, said ”One of the top priorities for FIPEd is engaging in the global sharing of information towards education reform. Over the years FIPEd has developed a number of tools and resources for countries and institutions to utilise in enacting education reform. The Action Plan securely marks the next phase of growth and activity for FIPEd.” As stated by Dr Manasse at the Council meeting, “No policy development or new services can be gained if the education and workforce are not considered.”

The FIPEd infrastructure and global representation outlined in the Action Plan will be supported centrally by FIP as approved by the FIP Council. In addition, FIP is building partnerships, through establishing a FIP Corporate Roundtable on Education, with members of the Corporate Roundtable on Education currently including GSK, Pfizer and Global Health Education.

 “FIP recognises the need to include all stakeholders in the discussion about better health and better education” said Mr Luc Besancon, FIP CEO – “FIP is committed, through adoption by its highest leadership body, the Council, to engage the various levels of membership in FIPEd, to collaborate with external stakeholders in the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), to partner with corporate members, education can be better adapted to respond to the health needs of society.”

FIPEd, through its 5-year Action Plan, will stimulate collaboration between all stakeholders, including professional organisations and education institutions taking up the important role of advocating education reform at the national level.


For more information about the 2014-2018 FIPEd Global Education Action Plan please contact Diane Gal at diane@fip.org.