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World’s Health Professions Celebrate Adoption of Global Anti-Tobacco Treaty

On behalf of the 20 million nurses, pharmacists and physicians working worldwide, WHPA commended the WHO and the national governments of the signatory countries on this first ever, global public health treaty – a breakthrough for global health. WHPA is calling on health professionals and their associations to pressure governments of those countries that are signatories to the Agreement to move forward quickly with implementation. Equally, health professionals in countries that have not yet ratified the WHO FCTC should lobby their governments to do so. Fifty-seven countries have ratified the Agreement. Its provisions will now be legally binding for signatories, giving governments a framework for action, laws and regulations in fighting the tobacco epidemic. For example, signatory countries will have three years from the day the WHO FCTC enters into force for that country to implement measures ensuring tobacco packaging has strong health warnings, or five years to establish comprehensive tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship bans, among others. The Agreement also has provisions that set international standards on tobacco price and tax increases, illicit trade and second-hand smoke.

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