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2023 Brisbane (Australia)

Presentations Invited Speakers (pdf’s of the Powerpoints will be uploaded during the congress)


September 23

The FIP Digital Pharmacy Summit (FIP-TAG)

September 24

FIP AIM Global Academic Leaders Forum (FIP AIM)

Pharmacy in Australia (LSSU-01)

September 25

Addressing antimicrobial stewardship with the 2030 goals and real-world strategies (PSMO-08)

AMR: Challenges, opportunities and sustainable solutions (PLMO-02)

Antimicrobial resistance: Pharmaceutical innovation during the silent pandemic (PSMO-10)

Challenges in contemporary pharmacy — professional autonomy through ethics (PSMO-06)

Innovative approaches for remuneration of community pharmacy services (PSMO-02)

It’s World Pharmacists Day 2023 — Pharmacists strengthening health systems (PLMO-01)

Novel roles of pharmacists in future healthcare systems on both sides of the digital divide (PSMO-04)

Pharmacists as influencers across public health: Moving towards future sustainable pharmacy practice (PSMO-09)

Precision medicine: optimising cancer therapeutics (PSMO-05)

Professional autonomy by managing concerns in pharmacy practice — A new framework for decision making in conscientious objection (PSMO-01)

The power of data in pharmacy: Supporting surveillance of infection outbreaks and identifying high-risk patients (PSMO-03)

Using the FIP Development Goals to inform community pharmacy strategy and development (PSMO-07)

September 26

Accelerating mRNA therapeutics: Vaccines and beyond (PSTU-04)

Bringing biologics to the bedside (PSTU-09)

Enabling Indigenous leadership in education to transform pharmacy practice and build a sustainable workforce (PSTU-08)

Ensuring sustainable and transparent access to medicines: Deploying digital technology to address shortages (PSTU-02)

Humanitarian crises: Challenges, opportunities and sustainable solutions (PLTU-01)

Partnerships to transform pharmaceutical education to meet global health needs (PSTU-05)

Partnerships: Challenges, opportunities and sustainable solutions to strengthen health systems (PLTU-02)

Professional sustainability and positive practice in community pharmacy: Supporting the pharmacy workforce globally (PSTU-07)

Sustainable pharmacy: Pharmacy practice and the environment for the future (PSTU-01)

The humanitarian face of pharmacy — How can we facilitate the pharmacist response?— How can we facilitate the pharmacist response? (PSTU-03)

Unique pharmacy careers: innovation in pharmacy to deliver the development goals (PSTU-06)

September 27

A roadmap for digital therapeutics, and pharmacy- the promise of digital tools in practice (PSWE-03)

A roadmap for digital therapeutics, diabetes and pharmacy- the promise of digital tools in practice (PSWE-03)

Discover the new experience of community pharmacy through the metaverse (PSWE-01)

Informatics pharmacists: From users to developers and evaluators (PSWE-02)

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in drug discovery and repurposing (PSWE-05)

Meeting today’s challenges and preparing for the future in military pharmacy (PSWE-06)

Reflections for sustainable solutions from pharmacy globally (PLWE-02)

Technology to strengthen health systems: Challenges, opportunities and sustainable solutions (PLWE-01)

Women participation in humanitarian crisis - critical for success (PSWE-04)

September 28

Celebrate Educator’s day at the Congress! (FIPEd)

Please note that the presentation file is not available yet.
PDF will be available to FIP members and congress participants.

Last update 28 September 2023

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