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The future of pharmacy – we are constantly creating it.

As we hope everyone is now aware, FIP is coming very close to its Centennial Congress in Amsterdam. More than a “ usual” FIP Congress, the components that will make this event the most significant in FIP’s history have been in progress for the better part of seven years. They will come together in October, in the home country of FIP, to show the world how our dynamic 100-year history has prepared us to create our visionary future.

From an IPJ perspective, this issue is our last connection before the big event. As such, we wanted to showcase the present – what is happening RIGHT NOW on the global scale of pharmacy; what our colleagues around the world are doing to ensure a dynamic and evolving profession capable of meeting the changing needs of society.

The guidelines for this IPJ exemplified the key issues of the FIP Centennial and accompanying Ministers Summit, Stakeholders Roundtables and Centen- nial Programme: Responsible use of medicines; Adherence; Right Medicine, Right Patient; The Power of Information. Our goal was to connect the vision of these events to what is currently happen- ing on the frontlines of pharmacy and pharmaceu tical sciences, creating a mutual relevance that serves to support on-going growth.

The authors have offered admirable examples and exceptional insights, showcasing what we are sure is a mere fraction of the work our peers and colleagues are doing worldwide within these issues. Represented in these pages are the young and the old; the most traditional and the most recent techno- logies; and a dedication to increasing pharmacists’ services to a level of truly holistic care.

From reading this issue of the IPJ we hope you agree that the future of pharmacy is being created all around us, all the time. This will only become more real to all as we live the future – and as we experience it together at the FIP Centennial Congress.




Myriah Lesko Editor Lowell Anderson Co-Editor