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Using technology to combat counterfeit medical products

Technology developers meet manufacturers, wholesalers and regulators


13 to 15 February 2008

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The Necessary, Next Steps to Ensure IMPACT’s Success

IMPACT is fast-approaching its one-year anniversary. This moment should be used to recognize all achievements on anti-counterfeit (ACF) actions thus far, but it should also be a reflective period used to prepare for future endeavours. It is our hope that the Planning Group also uses this period to commend members on their efforts, as well as recognize where members struggle and assist them in their progress to our shared, obtainable goal.      

IMPACT’s current state of affairs is evidence to the hard work of all members.  A lot has been accomplished in a short period of time.  Our one-year anniversary is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge everyone responsible for the progress made in this first-of-its-kind coalition to address this dire, public heath issue.  The following examples are exemplary outcomes of the committed, Working Groups.

  1. Technology Working Group:

    • Chaired a meeting of cell-base ACF technology providers with governments
    • Set a base for institutionalized channel of communication between governments seeking to implement technology aids to fight counterfeits and the technology providers
    • Compiled a comprehensive paper on existing ACF technologies that governments can access

  2. Legislation Working Group:

    • Drafted “Principles and Elements for National Legislation Against Counterfeit Medical Products” with the prospect of having the final version endorsed by IMPACT before December 2007
    • International survey in preparation  by the Max Plan Institute (MPI)

  3. Enforcement Working Group:

    • Manual on “Pharmaceutical Crime Investigation Guide” to be finalized by August and  endorsed by IMPACT at December 2007 meeting
    • Developed guide for Establishing Simple Point of Contact (SPOC) in countries
    • Established WHO/Interpol collaboration  on joint operations in South Asia (6 countries)

  4. Communications Working Group:

    • Drafted a strategic plan
    • Created a calendar of events  (both IMPACT-sponsored and anti-counterfeit events) to share with other Working Groups so to decide IMPACT members’ participation,  speaking opportunities
    • Compiled a database of articles on  counterfeit related issues  searchable by authors, media, geography

  5. Regulatory Working Group:

    •  Adapted WHO Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) and Good Pharmacy Practices (GPPs) to be specifically focused on anti-counterfeits. They are in the last phase of comments and should be finalized by December 2007
    • Developed Flow Chart for reporting suspected counterfeit medicines