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FIP Development Goal 7: Advancing integrated services



 FIP Development Goal 7 Workforce Element

FIP Development Goal 7 [w]



Globally, we will have:

A patient-centred and integrated health services foundation for workforce development, relevant to social determinants of health and needs-based approaches to workforce development.


  • Systematic development of education and training activities based on local healthcare systems, their capacity and funding.

  • Evidence of systematic development policies and strategies for the strengthening and transforming pharmaceutical workforce education and the systematic training of trainers and educators.

  • Education providers must ensure, by the provision of evidence-based approaches, that lecturers, teachers and trainers are themselves appropriately trained for capability and competency.

  • Enable the pharmaceutical workforce and key stakeholders to promote health equity through actions related to social determinants of health.

View the FIP Workforce Reference Guide for FIP Development Goal 7 Advanced and specialist development here.


 FIP Development Goal 7 Practice Element

FIP Development Goal 7 [p]



Globally, we will have:

A people-centred and integrated health care provision that is based on an interprofessional and cross-setting seamless continuum including pharmacist-delivered professional services.


  • Define clear processes and procedures for developing and delivering integrated, needs-based services in practice and across all health care settings.

  • Develop and implement systems for the design, delivery and evaluation​ of such services in primary, secondary, tertiary, and urgent and emergency care services.

  • Recognise that people-centred integrated quality health services are the foundation for optimal clinical, humanistic, economic and sustainable health care outcomes.

  • Clearly identify patient and population needs that support the development and delivery of pharmaceutical services that are relevant to health needs.

  • Ensure capacity to deliver interprofessional integrated services during humanitarian crises, disasters and emergency situations.

  • Ensure collaborative working with others within the pharmacy team and other health care providers especially through transitions of care and lifespan care.

  • Implement quality measures of all outcomes of health care, from an integrated, holistic perspective, which take into account the Person’s Journey.

 FIP Development Goal 7 Science Element 

FIP Development Goal 7 [s]



Globally, we will have:

Scientific strategies to evaluate expanded professional pharmacy services and programmes, including translational and reverse-translational research.


  • Create evidence of team-based, interdisciplinary science.

  • Establish a forum to facilitate translational and reverse translational research, with the goal to expand pharmaceutical services and drive innovative research.

  • Foster collaboration between pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists to evaluate advanced services and help document the value added to healthcare systems.


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Last update 30 September 2020

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