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FIP Development Goal 18: Access to medicines & services


 FIP Development Goal 18 Workforce Element

FIP Development Goal 18 [w]



Globally, we will have:

Strategies in place to widen access to medicines & services through a responsive, capable, available and well-distributed pharmaceutical workforce. 


  • Ensure workforce development strategies are in line with services in needs (FIP Development Goal 7 [w]).

  • Develop medicines expertise competencies in the workforce to deliver quality care (FIP Development Goal 14 [w]).

  • Link gender and diversity balances in the workforce with optimisation of service delivery such as to improve access to minority groups and special patient populations (FIP Development Goal 10 [w])

  • Utilise workforce intelligence and date to inform strategies for workforce production, distribution, and capacity improvement (FIP Development Goal 12 [w])


FIP Development Goal 18 Practice Element

FIP Development Goal 18 [p]



Globally, we will have:

Systems in place to optimise access to effective medicines and pharmaceutical care services through appropriate supply chains, quality standards, self-care & prevention services, and affordability and fair pricing policies. 


  • Develop systems and structures to ensure appropriate supply of and access to medicines and other health products (including medical devices).

  • Develop and implement contingency plans for shortages of medicines and medical devices.

  • Develop and implement quality standards and guidelines to ensure access to safe and effective medicines and medical devices, prevent the entry of substandard or falsified medicines in the legitimate supply chain, and ensure the stability of medicines in different environmental conditions, in addition to other safety and quality indicators.

  • Advocate for and contribute to the development and implementation of policies and initiatives addressing affordability and fair pricing of medicines, medical products and devices, and services that aim to ensure equitable access for all, and especially for fragile and vulnerable communities, as well as access to specialised and innovative therapies.

  • Ensure access to optimal treatment outcomes and promote the responsible and optimal use of medicines through the provision of appropriate pharmaceutical care, considering advanced capabilities.

  • Develop and implement pharmaceutical workforce and education policies to increase capacity and competence to increase access to pharmaceutical expertise in primary health care settings, in collaboration with the wider health care team and system.


FIP Development Goal 18 Science Element 

FIP Development Goal 18 [s]



Globally, we will have:

Access to innovative science and information, new/innovative therapies, new delivery/manufacturing processes.


  • Collaborate with stakeholders to achieve harmonisation of regulatory processes around the world.

  • Promote dissemination of accurate scientific information on innovative medical products.

  • Define mechanisms to increase access to innovative medical products at affordable cost.

  • Educate, train, and mentor pharmaceutical scientists to develop effective and affordable medical products.

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Last update 17 February 2021

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