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2019 AbuDhabi (United Arab Emirates)


September 21

Young Pharmacists Group Leadership Development Workshop

September 22

Pharmacy in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries

Pre-satellite on Nanomedicines - Tackling the challenges of nanomedicines: Are we ready?

Workshop on: Antimicrobial stewardship in hospitals and the community

Young Pharmacists Group Leadership Development Workshop

September 23

Future Medicines for One World (The promise of patient empowerment)

10th AIM Global Academic Leaders Forum - Science infused into the curriculum: Breaking down the silos

Act now! How pharmacists can help in the global refugee crisis

Antimicrobial resistance and environmental pollution with medicines

Hot Topic: FIP-WHO Joint session on access to medicines

Make an impact with your pharmacy service research

One step beyond new horizons in science, practice and education

Plenary session: FIP listens - Patients talk! Navigating the winds of change

Realising pharmacy

Realising pharmacy's potential: Putting successful plans in place

SIGN 1: Sharing Ideas in a Global Network

SIGN 2: Sharing Ideas in a Global Network

What's new in industry and science? Part 1

September 24

New horizons for pharmacy – Navigating winds of change

New horizons for pharmacy –Navigating winds of change

10th AIM Global Academic Leaders Forum - Entrepreneurship - Principles and examples of successful development - morning

Adapting to change - Implications on the profession of pharmacy

Empowering women as agents of better health

Gamification - The pharmacist as playmaster!

Navigating changes in the scope of the pharmacist: Pharmacy as a gateway to care

One approach doesn't fit all: Need for country specific interventions to promote appropriate use of antibiotics

Pharmacists' role in medical devices: From diagnosis to monitoring of therapy

SIGN 2: Sharing Ideas in a Global Network

Tackling the equity issue: Global challenges for women in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences

The Namibia Project: A Basel Statement hospital pharmacy practice survey of hospitals

What's new in practice? Part 1

What's new in practice? Part 2

Working together to score the goals: How are the FIP Workforce Development Goals being globally implemented?

September 25

8th Global Pharmacy Technicians Symposium: Emerging and changing roles for pharmacy technicians

A 3D printer for every pharmacy?

Cell-based gene therapy - Promise and challenges

Competency framework for academic staff in pharmacy education

Evolving from medicines seller to medicines expert (in Middle East and LMIC countries)

Finding the humanitarian face of pharmacy

Implementing advanced patient services with tangible outcomes

Innovations in military and emergency pharmacologistics

Internet pharmacy - Risks versus benefits

Planning for disruption: Educating future pharmacists to navigate the winds of change

Rising to the challenge: Evolving roles of emergency pharmacists

SIGN 3: Sharing Ideas in a Global Network

Superdrugs for superbugs: Antibiotics of the future

Supplying medicines in the age of the internet colossuses

The future of the pharmacy - Education and research

The history and heritage of pharmacy: informing the present and future of our profession

Transition from "fact-based teaching" to "complex clinical problem solving"

September 26

8th Global Pharmacy Technicians Symposium: Developing a model competency development framework - Part 1

8th Global Pharmacy Technicians Symposium: Exploring the need for regulatory models for the pharmacy support workforce - Part 2

Advancing pharmacist roles through evidence and education

Ethical competence in pharmacy

Green pharmacy practice: Educating our workforce to transition towards a greener profession

Integrating science and professional practice in pharmacy degrees

Patient empowerment - Myth or reality?

Pharmacy quality indicators to improve patient care

SIGN 4: Sharing Ideas in a Global Network

The Ethics Forum - What does it mean to exercise "conscientious objection"?

The power of working together: Successful stories of interprofessional education and collaborative practice

What's new in industry and science? Part 2

Young Pharmacists Group Leadership Development Workshop


Academic pharmacy

Analytical sciences and pharmaceutical quality

Clinical biology

Community pharmacy

Drug design and discovery

Formulation design and pharmaceutical technology

Health and medicines information

History of pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy

Industrial pharmacy

Military and emergency pharmacy

Natural products

Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and systems pharmacology

Pharmacy practice research

Pharmacy technicians

Regulatory sciences

Social and administrative pharmacy

Translational research and individualised medicines


Last update 21 September 2019

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