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The applicability of the International Pharmaceutical Federation Global Competency Framework in Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional national survey

  • At: PPR SIG 2021 (2021)
  • Type: Digital
  • By: ALFAIFI , Salihah (University of Nottingham , United Kingdom)
  • Co-author(s): Salihah Alfaifi, Naoko Arakawa, Stephanie Bridges
  • Abstract:


    The evidence shows that the use of competency frameworks along with the pharmacy standards of practice could aid in achieving professional performance development and upgrading the pharmacy education process. However, there is no national competency framework for pharmacists in Saudi Arabia. This study, therefore, uses an evidence-based method to identify the competencies required to support and facilitate the pharmacists\’ training and career development.


    To evaluate the pharmacists\’ perception of the relevance of their own practice to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Global Competency Framework (GbCFv1).


    A cross-sectional online survey of the practising pharmacists in different settings was conducted between August and November 2020, in Saudi Arabia. The survey was adopted from the GbCFv1. A combination of purposive and snowball sampling was used. The relevance to the GbCFv1 was assessed using a four-point Likert scale. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics.


    A total of 522 pharmacists participated in the survey. The study showed a broad agreement on relevance to practice for 84% of behaviours included in the GbCFv1. The \’pharmaceutical public health\’ cluster scored the highest percentage of relevant responses (91.42%), followed by the \’professional/personal) cluster (87.08%). A higher percentage of not-relevant responses were evident in the \’organisation and management\’ cluster (18.40%). The observed non-relevancy was associated with nationality, gender and area of pharmacy practice (p<0.05).


    The competencies included in the GbCFv1 are relevant to pharmacy practice in the study population. However, some competencies and behaviours of the GbCFv1 require modification to be appropriate for the local needs of the Saudi pharmacy practice and develop a country-specific competency framework. The findings from this exercise will be used as a base to develop a foundation-level competency framework for early career pharmacists and address knowledge gap and learning needs required to attain and maintain the pharmacists\’ career development.

Last update 4 October 2019

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