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A multi- stakeholder evaluation of medication safety practices in public health facilities in Kaduna state, Nigeria

  • At: PPR SIG 2021 (2021)
  • Type: Digital
  • By: LAWAL, Basira Kankia (Kaduna State University, Nigeria)
  • Co-author(s): Basira Kankia Lawal Shafiu Mohammed Bilkisu Bello Maiha Aliyu A Alhaji
  • Abstract:


    Unsafe medication practices and errors have been found to be amongst the leading cause of injury and avoidable harm in both developed and developing countries. Much less is known about medication safety in low- and middle-income countries.


    To explore medication safety practices in selected public health facilities in Kaduna state, Nigeria.


    A multi- phased study was conducted in four public health facilities in Kaduna state. Basic medication safety practices were assessed through a structured interview with Heads of pharmacy department and the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPSC) was used to assess patient safety culture amongst healthcare providers of the health facilities. Furthermore, in-depth interviews were conducted with the healthcare providers while focus group discussions were conducted with patients to explore factors affecting patient safety.


    Basic medication safety practices, such as information technology facilities, policies on concentrated electrolyte solutions, look-alike, sound- alike medications were not implemented. The overall average of the percent positive response of patient safety culture across the four facilities was found to be 55.6%. The dimension with the most potential for improvement as it had the least average positive responses was ‘Staffing’ (34.4%). In- depth interviews with healthcare providers and focus group discussions with patients generated themes on factors affecting patient safety and also proferred suggestions for improvement.


    This study has shown that medication safety must be prioritised in health facilities in Kaduna state and system-based approaches that promote patient safety should be implemented.

Last update 4 October 2019

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