Structure of the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice

The Board of Pharmaceutical Practice's missions

The Board of Pharmaceutical Practice represents the interests of all aspects of the practice of the profession of pharmacy throughout the whole world, regardless of any national or local issues.

The development of the profession in all its many facets is encouraged.

Good communication between pharmaceutical practitioners, pharmaceutical scientists and other healthcare providers is strongly promoted. The ultimate objective is to unify the profession and, as a result, bring about an increase in the standards of healthcare for the benefit of the patient.

The Board of Pharmaceutical Practice, with these ends in mind, will thus endeavour to:

  • Raise professional standards
  • Develop policy relating to the safe and effective use of medicines
  • Develop and expand continuing education
  • Encourage research into all fields of pharmaceutical practice
  • Recognise and reward excellence in pharmaceutical practice
  • Expand the influence and role of the pharmacist
  • Increase, strengthen and expand the functions of the various Sections of FIP
  • Increase the membership, influence the activities of FIP on a world wide basis



With the role of this Board being to handle all professional aspects of FIP’s activities, the Board’s main tasks are to:

  • Prepare the professional programmes of the Congress and, where applicable, other conferences of FIP
  • Maintain contact with the relevant interested parties and assist in the co-ordination of professional activities of the Sections
  • Co-ordinate the professional activities of FIP in relation with other professional organisations,
  • Formulate policy and mission statements
  • Set up working groups where the subject matter is outside the responsibility of any of the Sections or covers the interest of more than one Section

The BPP meets twice yearly to discuss the various issues involving pharmacy practice and BPP initiatives. A meeting is usually held in March and the other is held during the FIP Annual World Congress.



The BPP comprises the Executive of the Board, the President and Secretary of each Section together with a maximum of 10 expert members appointed by the Board itself to represent different sectors of the pharmaceutical profession. When a Section has more than 500 members it shall be allowed to have an additional representative on the Board.

Executive Committee

  • Chair (2014-2018):  Mr Dominique Jordan
  • Professional Secretary (2013-2017): Ms Ema Paulino
  • Immediate Past Chair (2014-2018): Mr Andrew L. Gray
  • Elected Member (as of 2016): Prof. Parisa Aslani
  • Elected Member (as of 2014): Mr Ulf Janzon
  • Scientific Secretary (2015-2019): Prof. Giovanni Pauletti
  • and as an ex officio member, FIP CEO: Mr Luc Besançon


Vice-Presidents nominated by the BPP

  • FIP Vice President: Prof. Philip J. Schneider (2014-2018)
  • FIP Vice President: Ms Eeva K. Teräsalmi (2016-2020)


Sections Representatives

The Sections of the BPP represent various Professional Groups within the scope of pharmacy practice. The President and Secretary of each Section are the official representatives on the BPP. Sections with more than 500 members (i.e. Community Pharmacy Section and Hospital Pharmacy Section) have a third representative.


Expert Members

The Expert Members are nominated by the BPP to act as liaisons between the sections and to pull together common threads of interest. They are available to give greater input into these working groups and play an role in linking FIP with other professional organisations.

Current Expert Members:

  • Dr Agathe Wehrli (2012-2016)
  • Dr Arijana Meštrović (2014-2018) as Co-Chair of FIP Programme Committee



  • FIP Young Pharmacists' Group (YPG) Chair: Ms Miranda Sertić
  • International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF) President: Mr Israel Bimpe