Regional Pharmaceutical Forums


Regional pharmaceutical forums bring together national pharmacy associations, the World Health Organization (WHO) and FIP in six regional platforms and aim to increase partnership, dialogue, understanding and activity in the world regions. The goal is to enable the pharmacy profession to have a greater impact on improving pharmacy services and health.

The Regional Pharmaceutical Forums have been formed in WHO' s geographical subdivisions:


  • Europe: EuroPharm Forum (1992) Click here to read the 2014 EuroPharm Annual Report
  • America: Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas (2000) Facebook page here
  • South-East Asia: SEARPharm Forum (2001) Click here to read the 2013-2014 SEAR Annual Report.
  • Western Pacific: WPPharm Forum (2001) Click here to read the 2011-2012 WPPF Annual Report.
  • Eastern-Mediterranean: EmroPharm Forum (2002)
  • Africa: APForum (2004) Click here to read the 2012-2013 AP Annual Report.

FIP is proud to work together with the Forums for mutually beneficial advancement of FIP projects, initiatives and the FIP 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan.