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The WHO/FIP declaration on the role of the pharmacists in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic

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With an estimated number of 33 million people living with the HIV virus around the world in 2007, it is not difficult to see that HIV/AIDS presents a highly significant public health problem to the world. Over the past twenty years HIV/AIDS treatments have become available that have greatly improved the prognosis for people living with HIV/AIDS, however, much needs to be done worldwide to improve access to these medicines, to train health professionals on the appropriate use of these medicines and to support patients who are taking these complex regimens. Along with treatment, emphasis on preventative measures to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS is required and complementary efforts must be undertaken to combat the misinformation and discrimination related to the virus and syndrome

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has set HIV/AIDS as a priority since 1995 and through an international working group (called the FIP international HIV/AIDS network) has collected, reviewed and disseminated information to members, organized events during the annual congress and is preparing training modules specific to pharmacists needs. FIP has also been involved in promoting the annual World AIDS Day, lead by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1997, a joint declaration between FIP and WHO was approved, which included guiding principles on the role of pharmacists in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In order to further complement the efforts being made by FIP in the area of HIV/AIDS, this international network has been created for pharmacists who are active and interested in the area of HIV/AIDS.

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