SIG on Translational Research and Individualized Medicines

Chair: Prof. Michael Sorich

Vice-Chair: Dr Majid Moridani (USA)



 There is an increasing globalisation of healthcare.  A rational design of translational research and drug development, including a diagnosis-drug co-development using biomarker, a first-in-human research using micro-dosing, and in-vivo imaging research, is requested in limited resources.  On the other hand, healthcare is becoming more and more patient-focused.  Individualized medicine is an area which has of late attracted much attention and many influential researchers. As this up-and-coming area makes full use of the latest in medical and scientific developments, individualized medicine will be an important domain in the medical spotlight in many years to come.  

 Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are currently key players in promoting translational research and individualized medicines, in close collaboration with other scientists and healthcare professionals.



The SIG on Translational research and Individualized medicine has the following scopes:

  •  Dissemination of the latest translational research and individualized medicines to pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.
  • Education of pharmacists in latest evidences from the translational research and individualized medicines.
  • Discussion from a viewpoint of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists about the regulation and ethical problem of translational research and individualized medicines.
  • Interactive communication of all stakeholders including pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.


This Special Interest Group (SIG) can provide a worldwide neutral and independent platform for discussions on Translational Research and Individualized Medicine to improve global health.

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