SIG on Natural Products

Chair: Prof. Michiho Ito (Japan)

Vice-Chairs: Prof. Joy van Oudtshoorn (South Africa) and Dr Amanda Corbett (USA)

Natural medicines (which include animal- and mineral-sourced medicines) have been significantl source materials for medicine discovery past decades. Thousands of compounds were isolated from them, developed into pharmaceuticals, and used as conventional medicines. Herbal supplements, nutraceuticals, or other herbal healthcare products are also becoming familiar in our daily life. However, herbal medicines and their products are composed of highly complicated compounds, and their safety and efficacies are hardly controlled under the same regulatory system as those of conventional medicines (most of which consists of pure compounds).

Evidence-based approaches towards herbal medicines and establishments of appropriate regulatory systems based on results of scientific studies are required in many parts of the world for proper use and development of natural products. SIG-NP is dedicated to providing practitioners and the public with reliable information on herbal products, and aims to act as a forum for discussion on how best to combine conventional and traditional medicines to optimise natural products use in healthcare.

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